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  1. Friday 21st March, was an early start as I had to fly to Mallorca for 24 hours for one show. Awake and on the road by 3 am, normally I would be on my way home from a gig at that time, not just starting out.

    I was at the Thomoson Gold hotel, the Lavente in Cala Bona and all I could think about was  laying in the sun for a few hours in the afternoon before my soundcheck. Landed on time in Palma de Mallorca, got my hire car which was brand new - don't mind if I do! 42 mile drive to the hotel with no sun shine! Love the island though! March is still out of season so not much open!  Had a great show on the inside stage as it was very cold (so much for sitting in the sun), the audience was up for a good time and joined it whcih made it a pleasure. The Thomson Team were lovely, Barry really looked after me, and I met up with a good friend of mine who is a entertainer on the Island. Iain  Duncan is a Elivs impersonater - picture in the Gallery (he's not in costume thou)- we had a couple of beers and a good old gossip about life and the entertainment Biz.  Was great to catch up!

    Then its time to head back to the UK for Saturday's gig in Chichester at a holiday Resort.   Female vocalist Gemma joined me, we often work together, she has got a great voice and works the audience well to warm them up for me. Had to set up the PA, and there was not many in but Gemma went a storm! I put a new number in and tried a couple of new gags, I remembered all the words so I was happy! 

    It was a long 24 hours so now once packed up  I headed home and am now preparing for my next gig!  

  2. What a long day, 320 miles for the gig; Haven Holidays Perrans Sands Owners Party 2014. And so the day begins the sun is shining, roads not too busy and its motorway all the way. Arrive in Perranporth for sound check and meet the Entertainment team Byron Scott and some Ihave known for a few years, so was good to catch up. The band that was on with me had already been in and set up - nice young lads good sound from Leeds called REEM.

    The evening kicks off with the team and then the Bands first set, the theme for the owners party  was School Daze and it was really good,  lots of owners joining in with costumes. Then the food stew and dumplings followed by rice pudding!  Dont think we enjoyed it back then ha ha, so now its time for the Funstars to take to the stage and perform their new show for 2014 - Girls On Film. Back to the 80s we go. The team  were excited and nervous but it went off fantastic, some great songs and costumes - leg warmers and all florecent - oh I remember them  well.  They came off very happy with there performance but no time to reflect they had about 5 mins then back on to do the Holiday resorts famous party dances with the managerment team.

    Then its my turn, took to the stage with loads of children sat around the dance floor, started to think oh no they will be running around but no they sat listened watched and joined in which was so nice to see. Also the age group of the audience was from babys to great grandparents which was nice, so gags for the older audience and gags for the younger then songs for all.  Iwas very pleased with my performance and had some nice feed back, so quick chat with the team, then load the car and make my way home... another 320 mile!! Pleased that for the first time in a long time there was no road closures Result. 

    Finally just a really big thank you to Haven Holidays and Peran Sands Holiday park for making me feel welcome and a big thank you to Byron Scott and the rest of the entertainment team -  have a fantastic 2014!