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  1. Well good morning Bloggers, had a great week on the Thomson Celebration. For this trip I decided to take one of my brothers Mic Mac (Mike), he's never done a cruise before and we haven't been away togerther for over 30 years.

    So how did it pan out? Had a great week, he enjoyed it! Mic liked to try all the watering holes at every port. My shows went really well  - wasn't  expecting too many in for the late show as it was a bit rough at sea, but to my surprise it was packed which really made me forget about the movement of the ship and concentrate on doing a good show.  Had  some great feedback which is always good. My brother is not one for shows but gave it a go, he watched my show and said he really enjoyed it!  I had to sit Big brother doesnt do compliments! He loved the Duo on there called Braximusic, they are a young couple that love there job and have fantastic voices.

    The show teams for me are  fantastic, all very talented singers and dancers and the shows are fantastic!  My gosh they do some hours in a week and about 18 shows in a week  - makes me feel a bit lazy going on to do just 2 shows! Although I'm not complaning! Must say I  loved the Theatre at sea show.  Hats off to Peel entertainment for their shows and the whole entertainment package they put together for Thomson Cruises. 

    In all a nice chilled week with a couple of shows with a fantastic team and Thomson Guests.  

    This week I have been back in the UK and back to sitting in the car to drive for hours on end to get to the Gigs. First stop was North Wales, what a long drive to Talacra Beach where it was their first night open in 2014.  Small crowd but had a good night.

    Tuesday evening I was at  Seacroft Holiday Village Hemsby, to entertain at a Ballroom and Sequence week. Had some sound issues but was sorted while I was on by Simon, who was on sound for the show and we battled through.

    Have enjoyed a couple of days off, now heading down to Plymouth for tonights show at a railway club for a Wedding Anniversary -  276 Miles there then straight back tonight as having afternoon tea at Harrods tomorrow!!

    Have a good weekend all :)

  2. Good Morning one and all. What a few days that was! 

    Saturday night had a show at Mill Green Golf club in Hertfordshire. It was a nice evening, only a small audience - about 60 people but I really enjoyed it!  Sung some songs that I've not done for a while but everyone happy!

    Sunday headed down to Weymouth for the day,then back up to london to pack, load the car and head for the airport. Early start leaving at 4.45 am to get to Gatwick before the main rush hour traffic round the M25.

    Checked in North terminal, through customs and back in to duty free and looking around the shops - Think the airport staff think I work there I'm there so often at the min. Feels like my second home!  A bit like the Tom Hanks film where he was stuck in the airport!

    Boarded the Thomson flight to Lanzarote, all I could think of was a few hours in the sun, what did i get? Wind rain and dullness! Tthe gig wasat the Thomson Gold Hotel Coronas Playa. What a great Venue! Its like a Big Top, good sound, a really nice Sound engineer (frosty), nice team who made me feel welcome and the Duo Lez & Lesley are brilliant, really warm the crowd up for the artiste. The audiences at Thomson Gold are wonderful to entertain and it is always a pleasure. It makes all the waiting in the airports and the flights worth while, so would to just say thank you to all at the Coronas Playa.

    Thomson Flight home and the captain on this flight was a lady! And can I just say she landed the plane so softly!  No down with a bang just landed it very very smooth, so thank you lady Captain, hope to fly with you again soon.

    Think i've gone on long enough!  Another successful trip done so talk again soon all!