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  1. Well good morning all, had a great weekend in Amsterdam; in a  lovely little boutique hotel called Hotel Roemer small but beautiful. Got the room upgraded free (bonus), had amazing company and what a place and I dont mean just the red light area. Amsterdam is very clean the buildings are amazing, showing my age now. Had a great meal in a resturant called Butterfly Thai Cafe, would highly recomend especially if you like spice! Done the whole tourist bit; walked and walked and walked. Went in a great bar which is the oldest in Amsterdam; where I was told Van Gough used to drink, so not only a good artist, it seems he was a p*** artiste to ha ha.

    Did get addicted to something out there, NO not drugs, Stroopwafel with honey no good for your weight but hay diet starts today anyway. Time to head to weymouth now for a couple of days. Blog again soon, take care all.  

  2. hello all back in the UK after a great week on the Thomson Dream. the shows went really well, loverly crew and audiancethe islands i visited were amazing. feel very blessed at what i do for work and get to see the world. i will get better at trhis bloging lark but im trying ha ha, have a great week all will blog again next week